Los Angeles-based software developers, Codehost Inc. is debuting their BrightQ™ printing solution today at the On Demand Conference and Expo in New York City. BrightQ™ is a software package that provides a user-friendly interface and adds increased functionality to printing in the Unix and Linux environments.

BrightQ™ received rave reviews at Beta sites in the retail, entertainment and technology industries. “Our product is scalable for nearly every market that uses Unix-based OSs. You will see this product everywhere from financial to government to engineering sectors,” said Codehost Sales Manager, Carlo Escario.

Codehost is confident that BrightQ™ will soon become the dominant printing solution for Unix and Linux printing. “We are in the final stages of closing deals with many of the leading MFD manufacturers. The cost savings and the functionality of this product have a lot of people excited,” Escario said.

As OEMs pass this product onto their clients they will save time and money through this solution’s low cost and simple administration. With Codehost’s BrightInstall™, even the most Unix/Linux-phobic systems support personnel can easily install, configure, and support their Unix/Linux customer base.

Codehost’s BrightQ™ technology allows a seamless convergence to exist between the many varied flavors of Unix, Linux distributions, and traditional Wintel and Apple technologies when it comes to printed output. No longer is the Unix host left out of the sophisticated printing Queue.

BrightQ™ opens a rapidly growing market segment for the digital printing OEM. Finally no more scrambling when the customer mentions the word Unix. Additionally, access to advanced finishing features no longer need to be accompanied by lp scripts that are both difficult to develop and maintain. Upgrading to the latest PostScript/PCL/PJL print drivers is seamless and turnkey with Codehost’s BrightQ™ allows the digital printing OEM to keep their Unix/Linux customers on an equal par with their traditional Wintel/Macintosh clients.

With BrightQ™ technology the OEM gets, not only a turnkey printer driver interface, but can also capitalize on the Common Unix Printing System, industry standard printing protocols, and a print queue management system that is both simple and intuitive.

“At Codehost we are working to converge Unix and Linux printing via a unified BrightQ interface. We are capitalizing upon what is already industry standard technology in order to ensure compatibility, while at the same time staying focused on development that yields a cohesive turnkey package,” said Eric Levy, Codehost’s General Manager of Printing Systems.