New alliance delivers robust, intuitive BrightQ printing solution to Unix and Linux customers

Culver City and Foster City, Calif. - January 15, 2004 — Codehost Inc., the printing industry’s leading provider of Unix and Linux solutions, and Electronics For Imaging (EFI), the world leader in digital imaging and print management solutions for commercial and enterprise printing, today announced a strategic partnership to make the Codehost BrightQ Unix and Linux printing suite available to manufacturers of printers and multifunction devices utilizing EFI’s industry renowned Fiery print servers.

The addition of BrightQ to the EFI Fiery family of products will enable seamless integration of sophisticated data filters into the Unix and Linux printing workflow. These filters are designed to give easy access to a device’s complete feature set. EFI’s printer manufacturer partners can now increase the connectivity rate of their engines by gaining access to these additional markets.

“We are excited to partner with Codehost to bring the advantages of our robust Fiery server technology to Unix and Linux customers,” said James Lopez, Director of Product Marketing, EFI. “Users in legacy environments can now take full advantage of the functionality of their high-end color and Black & White printers while increasing their productivity and enhancing their digital printing experience with all advanced software tools EFI’s Fiery print servers have to offer.”

BrightQ is a cohesive turnkey printing package that was developed to provide Unix and Linux operating systems with an intuitive yet feature-rich printing solution. BrightQ ensures that print data is filtered appropriately to capitalize upon all of the OEM output device functionality. BrightQ dramatically improves the printing experience for Unix and Linux users and simplifies the administrative tasks of installation and configuration of multiple printers and print queues on workstations and servers across the enterprise. BrightQ supports all popular distributions of Linux and multiple versions of Unix including Sun’s Solaris, Hewlett Packard’s HP-UX, AIX from IBM, FreeBSD, Irix, and the SCO operating systems. This powerful product is designed for compatibility and operates seamlessly with common Linux and Unix print spoolers, such as CUPS, BSD, and System V. BrightQ’s components can be accessed via an intuitive X Window System graphical interface, or via Linux and Unix shell based interfaces.

“The inclusion of BrightQ with the supported line of EFI print controllers will enable EFI’s partners to gain access to the rapidly growing Linux enterprise market, while at the same time capitalizing on the existing legacy Unix installations in the data center and elsewhere in the enterprise,” said Eric Jaffe Levy, General Manager Print Systems, Codehost Inc,.

About Codehost Inc.

Founded in 1999, Codehost has emerged as the leader in Linux and Unix software development and services for leading manufacturers of printers, multi-function peripherals and imaging devices. With an expertise in a number of operating system platforms, hardware architectures, embedded technologies and peripheral devices, Codehost strives to establish long-term relationships with OEMs to support and grow their market share, while helping them enter emerging market segments.

BrightQ, Codehost’s marquee printing application for Unix and Linux, has become the standard solution for multi-function and workgroup printer manufacturers providing advanced print support for their customers’ complex operating environments.

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About Electronics For Imaging

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