Integrated print management solutions for copiers, printers and MFPs

About Codehost

Codehost, Inc is an innovative software company that brings value added solutions to businesses and OEMs worldwide. From opening the door to Linux and UNIX environments for the world's largest printer and copier manufacturers to the introduction of the world's most efficient and intuitive paper to digital solutions, Codehost is always pushing the limits of innovation.

Our commitment and focus are based on providing significant economic value to our customers and partners while maximizing the human benefit and productivity of our software users.

Codehost further distinguishes itself via its talented workforce of highly skilled development and service delivery experts, trained in the latest technologies, and augmented by core business skills.

Drawing upon its strength in IT outsourcing and custom application development, the company relies on its skilled workforce to deliver timely, high-quality and cost-effective solutions to its clients complex business technology challenges, worldwide. The company continues to refine its operations and internal infrastructure by adding to its high-level technical talent, ensuring greater levels of client satisfaction.

“For almost 20 years now, Codehost continues to consistently deliver software with the highest quality, security and reliability that enables smart hardware features for thousands of customers worldwide” — Sam Bizri, President of Codehost, Inc.


Industry-leading printing manufacturers have adopted Codehost's flagship product, BrightQ™ to serve their UNIX and Linux clients better. As a desktop or server solution, BrightQ™ Pro saves service and support staff hours of time while giving end-users complete access to their printer's output options.

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