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Variable Printing Solution with PlanetPress


BrightLINQ™ enables users of PlanetPress to print variable data forms in UNIX/Linux environments with ease.

With this unique product integration, easily implement forms and variable data printing in UNIX and Linux environments. Sophisticated forms can now be printed with a simple drop down menu system. Use high-quality PostScript printers for graphically intense documents such as invoices and statements.

Enabling UNIX/Linux variable data printing with BrightLINQ™ brings numerous advantages to your workflow.

To purchase a license to enable BrightLINQ™ features in BrightQ™, please contact our sales department.

If you have already purchased a license, please read the BrightLINQ™ activation instructions to get started.


  • Save time and money by simplifying print setup and control.
  • Gain full access to finishing features.
  • Easily learn to create variable data documents.
  • Gain flexibility and benefit from compatibility in the UNIX world.
  • Replace expensive to run impact printers.


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Technical Support

For BrightLINQ™ technical support, please contact us via the BrightQ™ Support form.

For assistance with PlanetPress, please contact:

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